Typhoon 20000

Building upon our performance heritage and quest for products of the highest quality, Typhoon 20000 is our cutting edge range of fabrics. Engineered and patented by Paul & Shark, Typhoon 20000 ensures waterproof and windproof protection for the toughest conditions. With an ultra-soft outer membrane, Typhoon tech prevents water droplets from penetrating the fabric but still allows for maximum breathability and comfort.

Now available in three additional variations: Typhoon 20000 Twill combines technical performance with a wool appearance for casual occasions and an urban appearance; Typhoon 20000 Micro has two layers with an ultra-soft finish, suitable for everyday use; Typhoon 20000 Lite is the thinnest and lightest version with three extremely fine layers for year-round wear.

Whatever your choice, Typhoon 20000 combines technical innovation with a high level of functional performance.

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