Spring Summer '20 Collection

Paul & Shark takes to the shores of Sardinia to unveil our Spring Summer 2020 collection, combining decades of research and innovation with a focus on the future of environmentally-friendly fashion. Experimentation and examination have allowed us to forge ahead with brand new fabrics and processes, promising the same enduring function and style that Paul & Shark has always stood for, with a renewed spotlight on sustainability.


Our hallmark Typhoon 20000 fabric returns for the new season, guaranteeing unparalleled protection against even the heaviest rain and strongest winds. Several spin-off textiles, such as Cotton and Nautical variations are also available, enhancing existing Typhoon tech by specialising its capabilities for specific scenarios.

Innovative edits have been made across the board to our staple garments, including the introduction of a special 130° dyeing treatment which increases fabric density and ensures an even more water-resistant finish across the board. The NextTravel line offers instant utility for an effortless journey, imbuing classic pieces with multi-functional aspects to make life lighter. Finally, our revolutionary Save The Sea program utilises post-consumer plastics to create eco-friendly garments with all the form and function that you’d expect from any Paul & Shark product. This painstakingly devised process involves a massive reduction of energy consumption, as well as CO2 and water emissions, making the dream of fully sustainable outerwear a reality.

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