Kipawa 1938

An exclusive collection inspired by the historical boat Kipawa.

In 1937 Christian Jensen, a renowned yacht builder, received an order for a 10-metre cruiser-racer from the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club. The brief was simple: it had to be fast; yet remain comfortable for leisurely pursuits, and surpass all sailing boats that had gone before. One year later, the boat was ready, and the Kipawa was launched in Son, south of Oslo.

The yacht remained active for 57 years until a heavy storm sank her off the coast of Stromboli in the Tyrrhenian Sea. In 2003 the Kipawa arrived at the Tecnomar boatyard in Italy, where she had a complete makeover, restoring her to the original specifications over the three years that followed. The polished teak deck, the steam-bent ash frames, all new. The mast was re-constructed using silver spruce, the winches cast out of solid bronze. For the boat’s interior, researchers were able to find original design sketches in Germany, as fire destroyed many of Jensen’s original documents in Norway, allowing Tecnomar to recreate the original mahogany interior. When finally finished, Kipawa entered many classic yacht meetings, collecting many victories.

From the Norwegian’s craftsmanship and design to the Italian approach and meticulous application of the finest materials, Paul&Shark’s ethos to fabric and garment manufacture echoes that of specialised craftsmanship in boat restoration.The same standards and attention can be seen this season in the Kipawa Collection: an exclusive capsule collection of apparel and accessories as worn by the crew of the Kipawa themselves, designed by Paul&Shark. Made for rigours of the sea, available to you today.