Fisherman Collection

Ethical, traceable and committed to excellence. Our knitwear is the perfect blend of heritage and performance.

The story of Paul&Shark’s Fisherman Collection begins over 16,000 kilometres away from Varese’s headquarters in a small Tasmanian town called Ross, home to approximately 500 residents. One of those residents is Julian von Bibra, a producer of single-origin wool on his 12,400 hectare farm, Beaufront.

His Merino flock produces Tasmanian 120’s, a fine wool with a fibre diameter of 17.5 microns. Lanolin, an oil found naturally in Tasmanian 120’s, is hydrophobic and antibacterial, providing protection against rain, water, and allows garments to stay fresher longer, ideal if out at sea for long periods of time, battling against the elements.


Paul&Shark’s commitment to performance and functionality ensure that our garments stand up to whatever environment they find themselves in. Through the adoption of transparent traceability, using one of the world’s best wools, Beaufront Merino 120’s, Paul&Shark’s Fisherman Collection provides not just sustainability, but the performance required whether on land or at sea.